Re-formulation and formation of ideas in order to implement them in practice, by studying all aspects of this idea and developing the initial perception of the shape it is intended to be, in addition to taking into account all the aspects affecting this idea during its practical implementation, and how this idea affects its environment.

Design goals

Its effect on the user’s behavior has a specific task in determining the student’s orientation to this art, and that is by visual guidance.
2- It serves all groups that use the Internet in marketing operations, and this is done by making successful designs that consumers want to own and buy the commodity.
3- It affects the users and changes their convictions if the design is strong and successful so that the user places every confidence in a product that enables the owner of this product to market it easily and as we know changing people’s convictions is not an easy thing, everyone has his taste and temperament.

Characteristics of the designer in the art of design

To have a wide imagination. To have a good memory and high intelligence. To be very observant, so that he has the ability to pay attention to the smallest details, because any problem or defect in the design, regardless of its size, may reflect negatively on the idea when implemented.

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